Dear Visitors,

We welcome you to BGGM companies. The key to our success is the constant commitment provided by our top professionals who have been gaining their experience working for many years at international corporations. Within the structure of three closely cooperating BGGM companies, we support Clients with our knowledge and experience to create and verify financial information as well as support them in other areas of their business activity. Due to our close cooperation with each Client we are well able to understand the unique position of each business and can deliver services both comprehensive and individually tailored which include auditing financial statements, reviewing accounting records together with both financial and tax advisory. To fully support our Clients in their daily operations we, among other services, provide bookkeeping, accounting, human resources and payroll services.

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver services of a highest standard based on the following pillar premises:

Value in Business

is our motto which we apply in our day-to-day work. Professional ethics, commitment and expertise in our services enable us to build a mutual trust and understanding with our Clients which contribute to the success of each Client.