foto is the company authorised to audit financial statements and registered with the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors under no. 3489.

We conduct professional audits of financial statements in which we take advantage of the skills and professional experience of our auditors who constantly contribute to their professional development.

We provide audit, review, certifying and other related services which among other include the following:

In our company we bring together expert knowledge in a number of related areas. Having combined these key elements we have succeeded in creating a good brand name. We guarantee the highest quality of our services.


03-450 Warszawa ul. Ratuszowa 11
tel./fax +48 (22) 619 02 41
KRS: 0000327377 NIP: 524-26-79-535

Contact persons:

Krzysztof Goliński
President of the Board
tel. +48 (0) 602 793 826
Curriculum Vitae

Agnieszka Golińska

tel. +48 (0) 512 287 740